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Culinary Grand Tour of Italy

  • Optimal trip length is 9 nights/10 days
  • Best time to go: April-July, Sept-Nov
  • The cuisine of Italy is rightly famous for its quality, tastiness, and simplicity. Join us for this 10-day culinary adventure to find out how the Italians do it! We experience Italy's rich and diverse traditions of cibo (food) and vino (wine) from the north to the south, starting in the sparkling Venetian lagoon with Venice and traveling – and tasting – our way to Modena, Florence, Roma, and the Amalfi Coast. This trip incorporates novel and off-the-beaten path discoveries that will help us understand the Italian culinary philosophy in a new, fresh way. Our holistic approach means visiting some of Italy's top producers as well as artisans making small quantities for local consumption. We enjoy the full spectrum of Italian cuisine, from Michelin-starred meals to homemade cooking, always incorporating the special wines of each region with an emphasis on the burgeoning biodynamic market so enthusiastically received by chefs and wine lovers. Optional walks are offered almost everyday to balance our focus on food and wine. Andiamo!