A Note from Diana ...

  • Now more than ever, we celebrate this unique business of travel that is resilient and optimistic by nature, that welcomes us, challenges us, connects us, and broadens our outlook. We are living through an unprecedented situation with Covid. Each one of us can do his or her part by getting vaccinated and wearing a mask. We continue to research the most interesting places to visit in Europe and to plan exciting client itineraries abroad. We also encourage you to travel closer to home and take advantage of our generous hotel amenity programs. Sending all of our wonderful clients and partners my best wishes, Diana
  • D*Lux Travel is a boutique travel company specializing in custom itineraries for private travel. We offer perks and amenities at luxury hotels, design unforgettable trips filled with unique experiences, and support you every step of the way. Given our dedication to caring for our existing clients, we accept new clients by referral only.
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