View from Monte Solaro, Capri

Covid Information Hub

  • Great tool for understanding country entry requirements.
  • And a second one, from Virtuoso and CIBT.

At left, the view from Monte Solaro on Capri

Iceland, Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Countries Open to Vaccinated Travelers

  • Wonderful article from AFAR Magazine, regularly updated, of countries that allow entry to those who have received the Covid vaccine

At left, Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland

Horses in West Texas

Check Which US States Have Travel Restrictions

  • State by state guide from the New York Times, updated weekly

At left, horses near Marfa, Texas

Temple of Hera, Basilicata.jpg

Europe Could Have COVID-19 Vaccine Passports by Summer

  • The EU is working on Covid-19 vaccine passports
  • French President Emmanuel Macron on opening France to vaccinated Americans this summer.

At left, the Temple of Hera in Basilicata, Italy

Passport, camera and map

How Vaccine Passports Will Actually Work