"As I stepped out (of our spiffy black Mercedes), my granddaughter squealed, "That's my Grandmother! "

I've had time to reflect on what a fabulous trip you planned for me and my family. I am overwhelmed by how perfectly every detail was planned and executed exactly according to your itinerary. Every plane, driver, guide was on time; all 3 of my guides were outstanding.

Pamplona's Gran Hotel La Perla was deluxe - our room next to Hemingway's. My arrival drew a crowd: no vehicles are allowed in the Plaza del Castillo but my driver had the steel guard posts lowered so our spiffy black Mercedes could solo across the Square to the La Perla where persons had gathered to see who the celebrity was. As I stepped out my granddaughter squealed, "That's my Grandmother!"

So glad to see San Sebastian in 4 hours with great guide who was a native. She walked as fast as I do. Skipped lunch so driver could drive me around Bilbao in daylight. My room at Domine Bilbao overlooked the Guggenheim Museum.

My guide in Barcelona, Lali, was terrific - also a native. She made Picasso come alive for me!! Loved her, loved the city.

And Silvia in Florence was absolutely fantastic. We adored every minute of our time there. Tour of the market and cooking school were so much fun.

3 glorious days in Spain and 4 in Florence: thanks to you I covered more than most do in a month!

Diana, you really went the extra mile and did so many thoughtful things to make sure I was stress free and could enjoy to the utmost this unique opportunity to be with my two granddaughters and their parents. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks - why I am now on Whats App thanks to your patience & tutoring.

I am indeed blessed to have had such a perfect trip and I am so very grateful to you for all that you did to make it so.