American Pavillion

Museum Trips

Since 2011, we have offered one-of-a-kind art trips for museums like Grand Rapids Art Museum, Artpace in San Antonio, and Austin Museum of Art.

Our programs bring together artists, patrons, and lovers of art with an art expert who provides insight and analysis, along with introductions to artists, museum curators, and art world luminaries.

You will love experiencing world-class art exhibitions with other art appassionati!

Punta della Dogana 3.jpg
Venice Biennale 3.jpg
At Sally's.jpg
At the market.jpg
Masks on the gondola.jpg
Venice Biennale 5.jpg
Venice Biennale 6.jpg
Murano glass.jpg
On a beautiful wooden water taxi.jpg
On Murano.jpg
On the bragozzo.jpg
On the Brenta Canal.jpg
On the gondola
On the Grand Canal.jpg
Venice Biennale 16.jpg
On the water taxi.jpg
Venice Biennale 15.jpg
On the water taxi from our fish lunch.jpg
Venice Biennale 13.jpg
On the water taxi from Pellestrina.jpg
Venice Biennale 11.jpg
Orto Botanico.jpg
Our dashing leader.jpg
Venice Biennale 12.jpg
Our fish lunch.jpg
Our gondoliere.jpg
Padova's Orto Botanico.jpg
Punta della Dogana 1.jpg
Punta della Dogana 2.jpg
A furry art lover.jpg
Punta della Dogana 4.jpg
Sally Spector.jpg
Torcello Last Judgment.jpg
Venice Biennale 1.jpg
Venice Biennale 2.jpg
Venice Biennale 4.jpg
Venice Biennale 7.jpg
Venice Biennale 8.jpg
Venice Biennale 9.jpg
Venice Biennale 10.jpg
Venice Biennale 14.jpg
Villa Rotonda.jpg